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Student Life


Classes and the social culture of school are tightly knitted with arts, athletics, spirituality, service, leadership, and lots and lots of activity!

Each month, our activity calendar is fairly bursting with entries. Although most of those are adult-designed and directed, many service projects and activity suggestions are initiated by the student body. In addition to the predictable out-of-uniform theme days, student leaders have been responsible for fundraising ideas, service projects, schedule changes, a talent show, improved campus conservation and recycling protocols, and even a new tree on the property. Connecting learning with leadership is what a St. Robert education is all about!

Presenting the results of study also leads to some of the memorable experiences of elementary school. Science fairs, musical and theatrical performances, forensics, multi-media presentations, and hallway project displays are among the highlights at St. Robert.

Years removed from elementary school, however, what students will remember most vividly about the years from four to fourteen are the social connections. St. Robert students grow up in the kind of community that continues to shape their lives decades later. The Big Buddy program, parish middle school dances, eighth grade team-building retreats and community prayer – this is the stuff of which memories are made, and upon which a great life is built.

Our school culture is defined by our Code of Conduct. Founded on the Love and Logic® philosophy and guided by the teachings of our faith, the goal of our Code is to foster the development of self-discipline. Personal responsibility and respect for oneself, property and others is learned through a process in which students come to own their choices and actions. In our model, adults guide children toward decision-making focused on logical consequences, personal growth, reconciliation, and healing. 

Everyone at St. Robert School is responsible for contributing to a safe and orderly learning environment. In addition to the requisite security measures and high standards of propriety and decorum, we are also working actively to create a tolerant social culture. We have implemented the world’s leading bullying prevention program (Olweus Bullying Prevention Program®) to address inevitable experimentation with social cruelty. The goal of our program is to involve all students, staff, and parents in consistent preventative and responsive measures to reduce bullying behavior, empower victims, improve peer relations, and create a safe and positive school environment. 

Our response hierarchies include not only communication and consequences, but the personal growth, reconciliation, and healing that are at the core of healthy human relationships. While they are in school, our students are learning that violence and exclusion will not be tolerated, and that by virtue of our human connection, we all share responsibility for the actions around us. If we are successful, our students will one day take their experience of a bully-free culture beyond the schoolyard to be part of social solutions that build better communities and a more peaceful world.


Our student newspaper,The White and Blue Press is a student news source that empowers a team of 7th and 8th grade students to share their voices, inquire about their community, and publish their diligently crafted work like professionals. They are enthralled by the response to their work and would love for their voices to be heard by even more. Read it here.



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